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Soap & Cosmetic Labeling

~with Author Marie Gale, past President of the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild~

“This class made labeling seem much less intimidating by breaking it down bit by bit. Marie's research is very thorough!” - Julia Herrick (click for more comments on this class)

soap and cosmetic labeling book

Class Date
Registration Options
October 4, 2014
9 am - 1 pm (4 hours) - Class Fee: $99
Plus $24.95 + $2.18 tax materials fee for the book ($27.13 total).
Fee will be waived if you bring your own copy of
Marie's 2nd edition Labeling Book
Credit Card
before signing up, please visit the Policies & Info Page

Marie's Labeling Class was ranked as “Excellent” by 100% of the attending students!

We are so thrilled to have the author of *THE* book on soap and cosmetic labeling, Marie Gale, back at The Nova Studio doing another class on labeling. This session will be useful to anyone considering selling their products (or already selling and you have some questions about whether or not your labels are correct).

This 4-hour workshop will cover the following:

  • What nearly ALL products require on the label, no matter what they are (cosmetic, soap, household, etc.)
  • Determining if your product is a cosmetic, soap, drug, "consumer commodity" or something else
  • The different options for labeling soap (For example, must you use the INCI names?)
  • How to determine the right size and placement for the required information
  • Ingredient listings (there actually are some options/choices you'll have to make)
  • Newly formatted hands-on workshop to review or design your product labels

What To Bring: Attendees should bring 3 of their products (with or without labels). Throughout the workshop, you will be (hands-on) applying the information to the products for your labels. Workbooks for notes and your label design ideas will be provided. Be sure to bring your copy of Marie's second edition book if you own it already (see requirement directly below).

Requirement: All attendees must have a copy of Marie's book (Soap and Cosmetic Labeling: Second Edition) with them at the class. If you already have one, please bring it with you. Those who don't have a copy with them will need to purchase one at The Nova Studio ($24.95 + $2.18 tax - $27.13 total).

After the class, Marie is happy to sign copies of her book!

If you are coming from out of town, contact us BEFORE MAKING any non-refundable travel arrangements so we can verify the class has met the minimum and is definitely a go.

At Least 60 Days' Notice: If you cannot attend (for any reason) and you call us with at least 60 days' notice, you will be able to transfer 75% of your class fee to any future class.

At Least 30 Days' Notice: If you cannot attend (for any reason) and you call us with at least 30 days' notice (but less than 60 days before the class) you will be able to transfer 50% of your class fee to any future class.

At Least 7 Days' Notice: If you cannot attend (for any reason) and you call us with at least 7 days' notice (but less than 30 days before the class) you will be able to transfer 25% of your class fee to any future class.

Less than 7 Days' Notice: If you give us less than 7 days' notice that you cannot attend a class, you forfeit your class fee. We are happy to send the class handouts to you. Simply email us a request.




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Marie Gale is the author of "Soap and Cosmetic Labeling: How to Follow the Rules and Regs Explained in Plain English," owner of Chandler's Soaps and past President of the Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild (2004-2009). With her years of experience she has a real understanding of the handcrafted soap industry, and those within it who are striving to create, improve and expand their handcrafted businesses and product lines. She lives on her family ranch in Southwestern Oregon with the man in her life and has the great fortune to be able to stay connected to and interact with the world via wireless high-speed internet and phone.

Refer to the table above for price, date, time and registration options. Contact us at 510-234-5700 with any questions. Please read the Class Policies & Info Page before signing up.

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