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Lotions & Creams (101)

~with Alice Duvernell~

“I liked the additional information about different oils (the nature/benefits of each - for example olive oil versus safflower oil). The atmosphere was friendly. When I asked the instructor to repeat something she didn't seem to mind to do so. And the information about facial products - the tidbits were awesome. Even though this was a lotion & creams class * appreciated these little overlapping tidbits. I'm interested in learning more now. Thank you. I see that there are more options for fragrance than the typical ones found in stores.” – Tamara Raff
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November 9, 2014
9 am - 12:30 pm (3.5 hours)
$75 (plus $15 materials fee)
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In this class you'll learn how to make from scratch, wonderful lotions & creams for the body. We'll discuss all necessary ingredients like emulsifiers, humectants, emollients, as well as the inexpensive equipment and supplies needed to get started. You'll learn about the properties and shelf-life of vegetable/nut carrier oils and butters (like shea butter and mango butter), and how and when to use antioxidants and preservatives; a necessary part of making lotions and creams as they always contain water-based ingredients. NOTE: Since there are no proven truly "all-natural" preservatives on the market, we do use a synthetic preservative (but it is paraben-free).

We'll demonstrate two fantastic recipes, a nice light body lotion and a wonderful shea butter hand/foot cream. The batches we make in class will be unscented and uncolored and you'll get to add your choice of essential oils, and color (optional). Popular scent combinations include lavender & mint, lemon & rosemary, and geranium, ylang ylang & sweet orange. Once finished scenting and coloring, you will package and label your custom product.

You will leave with a 3 oz. bottle of body lotion, a 2 oz. jar of shea hand & foot cream, and handouts complete with both of these tested recipes, detailed instructions, information on each of the ingredients, and a list of our recommended suppliers. Due to the necessity of making emulsion products in batches, this class is primarily demonstration / lecture style, with hands-on elements.

Once you take this class, you will never buy commercial lotions or creams again!

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Mountain Rose Herbs

Alice Duvernell is an artist & gilder who recently moved to the Bay Area after living in the south of France for the past 8 years. There she started researching problematic & sensitive skin types & developed an interest in the amazing virtues of essential oils & hydrosols. Her interest in culture & her studies in anthropology led her to travel in South America where she expanded her passion & awareness in native medicinal plants. During her last journey to Brazil, she set up a laboratory where she shared with the locals her techniques for making hydrosols & other cosmetics, using native plants. See our teacher page to view all of Alice's classes.

Refer to the table above for price, date, time and registration options. Contact us at 510-234-5700 with any questions. Please read the Class Policies & Info Page before signing up.

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