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Lori's Melt & Pour Soap Crafting Class Comments

"Just a note to thank you for the great melt & pour soap making class last Friday; it was so much fun. You offered many little hints and ideas, exactly what I was looking for. You have a sweet studio, and it is always a joy to visit and take a class in it. I also like how you do a show and tell of the final products since it is always interesting to see the many different ideas that are created. Keep up the good work!" Ginger Kaneshiro

"Hi Lori, I really enjoyed myself on Friday in your Melt and Pour Soap Making Class. I thought that you were a great teacher. I learned a lot from you within the 3 hours of your class. I am so excited to make my own soap. It is great pleasure to meet someone who has the knowledge and experience and enjoys sharing it with other people. Thanks again Lori, I will soon sign up for your cold processing soap class." Trudy Henry

"I am so glad I took the (melt & pour soap crafting) class and will have fun making soap as my Xmas gifts this year. You are a great teacher keeping the class fun and moving along, which can be difficult when you have a class full of creative people." Fran Corsick

"Hi Lori, I really enjoyed your melt & pour class and I am going to make myself use at least one of my soaps! They are so pretty and I am so impressed with them that I just keep looking at them. I am going to look for the alphabet chocolate molds - that sounded like a great idea. You gave us so much good information and were so well prepared to have all of us complete everything. Thanks again." Sheridan Govers

"I really enjoyed the melt & pour class Lori as I've done for each of the classes I've taken. I'm still admiring my soaps. (smiles) I plan to use them soon. Today I'm sending to my niece the ones that I made for her. I look forward to the cold processing soap-making class in July. Take care." - Katie Kaufman

"I loved your melt & pour soap class. It was a lot of fun. I can't wait to try it on my own!" - Laurie Miller

"This class (melt & pour soap crafting) was so easy and I was thinking the whole thing was learning how to make it vs. melting it => I never knew something made so beautifully could just be the mold and complete imagination. You were very informative and detailed with a variety of options to use with our soaps. I am so happy you are out here teaching such an art. Thank you." Kristina Winters

"I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your class (I was in the melt & pour soapmaking class). I have recommended the class to several friends! I'm not sure if you keep a mailing list or not, but if you do please put me on it!" Jennifer Donsky

"I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the melt & pour soap class this past Saturday! You are a great teacher and it was so much fun -- the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon. I went out and bought supplies and made several batches of soap, which were a big hit with my victims!" - Leili Eghbal

"Just wanted to send you a note to say "Thank You" for letting me add at the Melt and Pour Soap Class at the last minute. It was so great to meet you and see your lovely new studio! I so much really, really enjoyed the class!" - Gale Heath

"I have really enjoyed the classes I have taken so far (candles, lotions/creams, card making, salts/scrubs, m&p soap, spa facials) and look forward to the upcoming classes that I am signed up for." - Cheyenne Bell

"Just signed up on your mailing list so I'll keep an eye out for your next candle making class. I have really enjoyed taking your classes and I really loved yesterday's (melt & pour soap) class! It was super fun!" - Cynthia Merriman

"Hi, Lori! I forgot to write and thank you for your wonderful lotions class!!! Keep up the good work and I'll return for a class soon! I love all the classes I've taken (bath bombs, bath salts, melt & pour, lip balm)! Thank you for your efforts. For gifts on my last job (the film in Berkeley) I made all the costumer's different kinds of soap, lotion bars, etc. One of them asked what shop sold such beautiful soaps!!!!!! What a compliment and I owe my skills to you! Thanks for your inspiring work!" - Mary Still

"The melt & pour soap class was great and I'm really excited about trying to make some soap at home." - Goody Thompson

"I recently took your class on bath bombs, tub tea, and (melt & pour) soap. I'm interested in seeing what classes you're offering in the next two months - please send me a calendar. My sister and I had a blast in your class and we'd like to do it again." - Silvia Harris-Payne

"I took your class at De Anza college and had a blast! The following week I went up to Juniper Tree and bought tons of stuff! Today with 2 friends we melted & poured soap and fizzy bombed all afternoon. What great fun!" - Judy Sugiyama

"I just wanted to thank you for a great class. It was a lot of fun and I learned quite a bit. I was so inspired that I went home and made some bath tea, bath salts and 3 kinds of soap last night! Anyway, thanks again and keep me posted on other classes you may be doing." - Nicole Vasbinder

"I really enjoyed the salts and scrubs class, as I have the other classes I've attended this month (lotions and melt & pour soap). It was great because I could go home and immediately make the products with things I already had on hand! This is where I spend a great portion of my "fun" money when I purchase bath products, so it's really wonderful to spend $20 on ingredients to make my own custom batches rather than on a small container of someone else's finished product." - Elaine Bautista

"Thanks again for the (melt & pour soap) class you taught for the Learning Annex on Saturday. I had a really great time and I've been showing my soaps to everybody who comes to my house exclaiming 'Look what *I* made!!' I'm generally not a very "crafty" person so I surprised my husband and friends that I was able to bring home such pretty and professional looking items that I made myself. It was fun to get in touch with my inner creative person for an afternoon." - Sandy Swain

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