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Comments from Ruth Esteves' Students

Advanced Cold Process Soap Design w/ Loaf Molds in the 2-day Soap Making Boot Camp
Milk Soaps ~ 3 Types: Coconut Milk, Soy Milk, & Goats' Milk
Soaping with Alternative Liquids: Beer, Juice & Coffee
Cold Process Cupcake Soaps


Comments on Ruth's Milk Soaps Class:

"There is so much information but it's presented in a way that's not at all overwhelming. Instead it feels like Ruth provides the answers to every possible question! Ruth is a GREAT teacher! She is super knowledgeable & encouraging and answered all of our questions while still keeping on task & moving the class forward. I love that Ruth's handouts always have so many pictures & are in color!" - Lisa Day

"Easy going style, gave lots of great tips. Loved it! I make milk soaps already but I learned some neat tricks to do a better job and have a consistent product." - Donna Beckman

"Ruth covered three different forms or types of milk (powder/evaporated/fresh). Ruth was very responsive to questions. She created a nice atmosphere in which to learn soap making." - Anonymous

"I appreciated that there were three different methods of making milk soap, since I hadn't even thought of powdered milk." - Anonymous

"Ruth was organized & well prepared, we were not rushed nor did we run over time. Plus she is calm. Great job of answering questions & incorporating into the class" - Anonymous

Comments on Ruth's Soaping with Alternative Liquids:

"All the great ideas & encouraging creative thinking while providing tips & trouble shooting. Really nice to see the soap being made & then the final product as well. All the samples are great. Would be fun to see even more! Ruth is a wonderful teacher! I hope she will develop more creative soap classes!" – Lisa Day

"Fantastic ideas with many options for other liquids. So detailed yet easy to follow and understand. Fun way to learn!" - Ellen Cayer

"I loved the labels on the soap samples passed around the class so we could see what soap it was when we saw it five or ten minutes after Ruth talked about it!" - Kim Dawson

"I enjoyed learning how to use juice in my soap making. Can't wait too try it!" - Robie Barnacher

"Love the pace of this class. Very well explained & love the new instructions." - Daphne Frampton

"Learning & getting to get to smell soaps & take bars home. The best thing is having the notes & pictures to take home as I learn much better by reading than by listening!" - Anonymous

"Fun class, lots of information! More than what I expected! Very organized, very impressive!" - Anonymous

"Demonstration & great tips! Lovely soaps! I really enjoyed these classes today!" - Anonymous

"I like all the suggestions for liquids that weren't demonstrated, plus seeing the samples." - Anonymous

"Good facts, I love how organized she is!" - Anonymous

"All the great ideas & encouraging creative thinking while providing tips & troubleshooting. Really nice to see the soap being made & then the final product as well. All the samples are great. Would be fun to see even more. Ruth is a wonderful teacher! I hope she will develop more creative soap classes!" - Anonymous

Comments on Ruth's Semi-Private CP Soapmaking Session:

"It was really fun to do this as a group! Perfect sized group - everyone was nice. I love that we had so many options of scents, colors, etc. It was just perfect to have a small group with Ruth & the TAs helping." - Francesca Suzio

“Hands on! Very fun and self-satisfying class.” – Laurie Light

“Hands on! Excellent instructor!” – Laura Richards

“I liked the size and pace of the class.” – Phyllis Alexandrea

“Ruth was very informative, and resourceful. Great knowledge, helpful answering question and she is patient!” – Danielle Koepke

"I loved the ton of information and the hands-on experience. Ruth is a very lovely lady, very personable, and gives thorough explanations." - Ashley Walker

"I appreciated that Ruth was very knowledgeable of tools. We got behind, but Ruth helped us catch up nicely. Everything was so organized and Ruth made good use of the compact space. Thank you for weighing oils and lye ahead of time to help keep the class within two hours. Thank you also to another classmate for helping me create swirls on the top of my huge slab of soap! This class far exceeded my already high expectations." - Hoang Banh

"It was great to practice before trying on my own." - Brandy Reynolds

"Very organized, thorough explanation. There was plenty of much-needed 'hand holding!' Soap making is no longer intimidating, thank you!" - Neela Harouny

"I really enjoyed Ruth's teaching style. She is very clear, very calm, very knowledgeable and organized. I can't wait for another class!" - Kathi Weber

“The best part of this class was taking home the soap that I made! It was beautiful!”- Darcy Mason

“The Hands-On Soap Lab had a relaxed flow with lots of thorough explanations. And the selection of materials that could be used in the soap was wonderful!” - Janette Hamlin

“The small size of the Soap Lab made it really relaxed. The teacher was very helpful and made soapmaking fun! Thanks!” - Cindy

"The hands-on experience is fabulous. The instructors really know their stuff!" - Anonymous

"Ruth was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable" - Anonymous

Comments on Ruth's NEW CP 201: "Make & Take" Class

"I liked that the class was hands-on & I liked seeing everyone else's blends & how they turned out. It was a great way to see what was learned in the 101 class in action." - Kelly Villarreal

Comments on Ruth's Advanced CP Soap Design Class (Part of the 2-day Soap Boot Camp):

“Such terrific creative techniques – my soap will now go from boring to gorgeous. Thanks to Ruth! Ruth is a fantastic instructor. These techniques will make my soap so much more artistic and appealing” – Teresa Derichsweiler

"Ruth was very knowledgeable and well-prepared. Her organization was impressive. I thought the class was excellent and I will recommend it to my friends and anyone else interested in soapmaking." - Lisa D. Postell

"I liked everything about this class. Before, I was stuck making one kind of soap, but now I can make different kinds. This class was so inspiring and has taken the fear out of making soap." - Mary Still

"I loved this class! It has helped give me the courage to try more new things, like embedding soap. One of the best parts of the class was learning how to use lye at room temperature. What a great tip!" - Michelle Gambler

"The thing that I liked the most about this class was Ruth’s explanation of what result to expect from each design technique. And I was impressed with the amount of knowledge she shared about aspects of soapmaking, like fragrance, colorants and equipment. I would definitely recommend this class to a friend." - Pamela Leis

"Ruth speaks from experience so her teaching style is very down-to-earth and easy to follow. She was very well-prepared." - Janice King

"The material in this class is presented in a way that is not overwhelming. Ruth fields questions very well and answers with thought. She really seems to like teaching."- Andrew Alvey

"The class was informative and Ruth was attentive." - Novie Ko

"I liked Ruth’s energy and that it was easy to understand her directions." - George Diggs

"This was an excellent class! What I liked the most was learning new techniques and I’m anxious to take more classes at The Nova Studio." - Lisa

"I really liked Ruth’s thorough demonstrations and laid-back attitude." - Jennifer Chadwick

"I really liked learning all the different ways to design soap. Ruth taught a great class and she explained everything well." - Shelly Etter

“Ruth is a great teacher! The class totally flowed – no wasted time, but not rushed.” – Debbie Fox

“I came from Canada for the boot camp. This class was definitely worth the extra day. The techniques Ruth showed were clearly demonstrated, which helps de-mystify advanced CP decorating.” – Roxanne Richardson

“Very through, process not rushed. Great ideas. Good explanations/trouble-shooting. Enough information to create good looking bar right off.” – Beatrice Carlisle

"I asked dumb questions and didn't feel dumb. I liked the pace and did not feel rushed. Lori and Ruth have the passion it takes to teach soap making to people who have the passion to learn.” – Ron 'Dean' Reynolds

“It moved along at a nice pace and was creative and fun.” – Sharon

“Ruth is a natural as a teacher. Ruth was very organized and presented the information in a very cohesive way. Great job, Ruth!” – Anonymous

Comments on Ruth's Cold Process Soapmaking 101 Class:

"Ruth is really knowledgeable and friendly, very open to questions but covers so much you don’t really need to ask any!" – Danielle J

"Excellent overview & presentation. Ruth really pays attention to everyone’s questions & covers it all! It was interesting and I now want to make some!" – Francesca Suzio

“I loved how Ruth always stayed on track when questions were thrown at her! Her time management & organization was awesome! I loved all the extra info in the handouts!” – Sara

“Ruth explained the whole process so clearly. I feel very confident after attending the class. Thank you!!” – Miriam Shouldirce

“Got a chance to see the lye process. Can’t wait for the next set of classes!” – Akili Moses Israel

“Great Class to build confidence after all the books I’ve read! Ruth Never overwhelmed me! She has a very easily understandable method of teaching!” – Laniel Jorgeson

“Ruth answered so many of our questions with knowledge , grace, and ease. She knows her stuff!! I feel comfortable with lye now and enjoyed matching the trace. I would definitely recommend this class to a friend and it was beyond my expectation!” - Dannielle Koepke

“I knew very little about making soap until today. Ruth was very personable and knowledgeable and I now feel confident about making my first soap batch. I am most definitely looking forward to coming back to another class. Boot camp sounds FUN!” – Laurie Light

“I liked how Ruth took her time to teach us step by step how to make soap. Everything was helpful. Thanks Ruth! I am definitely taking more classes.” – Eloya Carrillo

“Confidence building and knowledge! It was worth traveling from Florida! I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the classes. Rush is amazing. I made some new friends too. Thanks so much. I hope to come again one day.” – Laura Richards

“Very informative! I liked the instructor, good location with parking being available. I enjoyed seeing all the ingredients and learning about all the tools.” – Lisa Hoffman & David Fulk

“ Great information about soap. Wish the studio was closer but the drive was worth the great expertise. I would have liked to be more hands on, but it was apparent that this worked best for the time and information given. I am excited to try it at home.” – Lara Sophia

"The pace of the class was good. Ruth didn't talk too fast or too slow. It's great that two people (the instructor and assistant) were involved. It made everything so smooth! There was more live demonstration than I thought there would be. It was done in real time, so I know it doesn't take long to make soap. The time just flew by. It was fun, and I felt like I absorbed things well with the combination of written and verbal instructions. This class exceeded my expectations!" - Hoang Banh

"Ruth is very knowledgeable. She kept the class going on time, and gave wonderful examples. She explained everything very well!" - Laura Zine

"I liked Ruth's explanation of the basics of soap making. The class was perfect to alleviate fears of working with lye and making soap. I loved the recipe creation explanation." - Diane Padoven

"I felt confident afterwards. Ruth is a great instructor, and very informative." - Neela Harouny

"CP Soap 101 is very informative. I now feel confident to go home and make my own yummy soaps!" - Brandy Reynolds

"I appreciate that I learned about new equipment. Ruth included great handouts and demos." - Sherry Tobin

"Amazing class - I can't wait to try it." - Denise Jessie

"Ruth had a great explanation of the benefits and drawbacks of the different oils, scents, and colorants. I had a great time. Her swirl & layer bar is so beautiful! I would love to learn that sometime. Ruth has a great sense of humor - and you can tell she has a science background!" - Cassie Best

"I liked everything about this class! It's a informative, engaging, fact filled, fun class. A great environment, and Ruth is a pleasure." - Mary Baldwin

"Ruth was interactive and a very good resource for all questions. The class was super fun and made me feel confident that I could really make soap on my own." - Liza Swift

"I thought Ruth did an excellent job. The handout for this class was great! And I loved seeing the freshly cut soap compared to the already cured soap. The class was interesting the entire way through!" - Jenna Hamel

"Ruth made me feel comfortable. She answered all of my questions and then some!" - Usa Prantanasup

"Ruth was effective with her time management, extremely informative and patient." - Billy E. Dulin

"I thought this was a great class and I am looking forward to taking more classes." - Davi Taylor

"Ruth has an excellent amount of knowledge about soapmaking. Her class has left me with more confidence to try making my own cold process soap. I can’t wait to try my first batch!" - Erica Minnifield

"This class was lots of fun and exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed the open discussions and all the great information that I got from the answers that Ruth gave to the students’ questions." - Ron Probert

"I really liked that the explanation of each phase of the soapmaking process. It was very clear, concise and thorough. Ruth was knowledgeable and approachable." - Charisse Delgado

"The comprehensive demonstration and explanation of the process of making soap was the best part of the class for me. I feel like I can try this at home now!"- Dana Bass

"I thought this class was so interesting and the pace of the class was great. I knew nothing about soap and soapmaking, but I feel confident that I can go home and make soap!" - Karin Duff

"I thought the pace of the class was excellent. There were no dull moments but it was not too fast so I could get all the information." - Andrew Alvey

"This class was fantastic! Ruth has so much knowledge and a way of explaining things that makes it easy for someone starting out." - Michele Wentworth

“The class was excellent, and Ruth took the fear and mystery out of using lye to make handmade soap.” - Darcy Mason

“Ruth made the class simple and gave lots of information in a short amount of time.”  - Connie Mourraille (from Costa Rica)

“This was a great class! It was fun and instructive. And I really liked the hand-out!” - Shay Weisbrich

"I liked learning about lye safety best. I had held back from cold process soap for awhile because I was worried about working with lye, but the class made it seem less scary." - Julia Herrick

“Everything was clear on how to make soaps. I would take the class over and over just for the fun of it.” - Sybil Owens

“It was easy to learn how to make soap and fun.” - George Lally

“Very informative. Great patience for all levels of questions. Can't wait to take the advanced class.” - Teresa Derichsweiler

“The instructor allowed her students to be hands on with the making of the soap. Wonderful patient teacher.” - Melonie Bradley

“Ruth gives hands on experience and makes the class fun.” - Roni Seabury

Anonymous from Survey: What did you like most about the class?

  • Ruth did a great job of explaining each step, and she fielded many questions with detailed, useful answers.
  • Ruth used her knowledge to answer lots of question in our class. She never got distracted and always seemed present and easy-going. The class was just the right blend of technical information without being too technical.
  • The handout, combined with the information provided during the class, was the best part for me. I was able to focus on the demonstration and the information presented instead of taking copious notes. Ruth was very prepared, very familiar with the contents of the handouts and presented the information clearly and in a well-organized way.
  • This was the perfect amount of information for the length of the class. Ruth is a great instructor, very knowledgeable, very inspiring! I fell ready to start my own project!
  • The information and the soap I got to take home were amazing. I'm looking forward to making some soap and taking the boot camp class!
  • I like that I was able to watch the demonstration. She gave simple enough instruction so that I feel like "I can do this."
  • I really appreciated her explanation about security, and how to handle all the materials.
  • Ruth is great at explaining the soap process!

Comments on Ruth's Social Networking Class:

“The class was very informative and helped me understand how to use Facebook better.” - Donnett Bennett

What I liked most about the class was the Twitter part of the class, because I didn't have any idea about how to use it, but also the Facebook part was interesting; actually I like Facebook more. I came for the 4-Day Bath & Body Boot Camp and decided to stay to take this one.” - Isabel Hernandez.

“Just a wealth of information, well organized, excellent handout materials. The structure of class was well thought out. It exceeded my expectations.” - Kim Law

“Clear, easy to follow directions. Great tips – I feel comfortable using Facebook and Twitter.” - Starla Ledbetter

“Hands on experience – left the class having a new web presence.” - Anonymous

“What I liked most about the class was learning how to set up accounts in Twitter and Facebook and actually doing it! This was a really excellent class! Very easy to follow instructions. Ruth is such an excellent organized teacher who really knows how to motivate a student.” - Anonymous

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