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October 18-19, 2014: 2-Day SOAP MAKING Boot Camp
November 15-16, 2014: Make Great VIDEOS with your Smartphone
February 27 - March 2, 2015: Lela's 4-Day BUSINESS Boot Camp
April 23 - 26, 2015: Alice's 4-Day HERBAL & FACIAL Boot Camp
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flying in for a class?COMING FROM OUT OF TOWN?
If you're flying in, you'll have two main airports to choose from. Oakland International (23 miles away) & San Francisco International (30 miles away). Click HERE for more information, including accommodations & restaurants.

Click HERE for our directions page, which contains driving directions and public transportation instructions, as well as additional information.

The Original 2-Day
Soap Making Boot Camp

Vertical Swirls

big batch soap making class

Embed Bars

[pre-req: CP 101]

2-Day SOAP MAKING Boot Camp

This weekend workshop is attended by students from all over the world (literally!). It's popular with people who already know how to make soap, but want to take their soap to the next level.

It's two jam-packed days of Soap Making Information! You'll learn Advanced Design Techniques from Ruth Esteves of Sirona Springs, like Swirling, Layering, Texturing & Embedding, How to make Hot Process Crock Pot Soap with Jen Grimes, owner of Loft Soap, and finally Big Batch/Production Soap Making (how to make 100 bars in one batch) with David Critchfield of Mission Peak Soap Supplies.

Students take home 6 full-sized bars of soap, thorough handouts with instructions, detailed recipes for everything we make & a personalized certificate of completion. Due to the nature of making soap from scratch, classes are demo-style with some hands-on elements (the best & safest way so you’ll feel confident doing it at home). Ideal for out-of-towners flying in to learn all you can about making fantastic soap.
Click HERE for full description.

4-Day Handmade
Business Boot Camp

Ka Pow!

Lela Helps Women Build Empires

4-Day Handmade Business Boot Camp

Attention soap masters, beauty business owners + makeup mavens: you’re officially invited to join Lela Baker for a weekend of empire building! This 4-day special event offers a full slate of wisdom-filled workshops designed to build a savvy + strong foundation beneath your creative passion. Lela brings a wealth of knowledge + experience to the table: she’s spent more than a decade building a 7-figure, international beauty brand and has taught + mentored hundreds of other b+b businesses. She’s passionate about teaching others how to avoid the costly mistakes which tend to ensnare makers along their journeys. This comprehensive bootcamp will dive deep into important structural basics (product pricing, branding, trademarks, developing a wholesale program + scalability) along with more advanced topics (tradeshows, attracting free media attention, connecting with + manage sales reps, building signature treatments + selling to the spa market, plus building philanthropy into your business model). If you’re building a creative empire, you won’t want to miss this special opportunity to kick your business into high gear! Bonus: Students will receive more than 60 handouts to help them remember Lela’s lessons when they get home.
Click HERE for full description.

4-Day Herbal & Facial Care Product Boot Camp


Students with Certificates

[Suggested PreRequisite: Lotions 101]

4-Day HERBAL & FACIAL Boot Camp

Alice Duvernell has long been our herbal expert at The Nova Studio, and this boot camp covers everything you need to know to make your own facial & herbal products, with the nourishing properties of herbs & oils. This boot camp has been newly-reformatted to include a whole extra day of product making!

Alice will teach you 18 different products from her popular classes: Botanical Extracts (3 Types), Using Bee Products in Your Formulations, Carrier Oils & Their Secret Virtues, Healing Balms & Salves, Hydrosols, Toners & Cleansing Oils, Luxury Facial Serums, Formulating for Skin Conditions, and Nourishing Face Creams.

Alice's expertise will leave you with enough product for your own luxury facial, and the knowledge to customize all the products to suit your needs (and your customers!)
Click HERE for full description.

Make Great Videos
with your Smartphone

Trina Filming

Make Great Videos
with your Smartphone

Video reaches us in ways text and still images do not. It allows you to connect with an audience and showcase your personality. You don’t need a million dollar budget or the last name of Spielberg to get started; the tools for communicating your ideas through video are right in your back pocket or purse. Whether it’s sharing a hobby, introducing a fledgling business, or just capturing special family moments, if you have a story to tell I can teach you the video making skills to help you share it. This class is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about the smartphone camera features and those interested in making fun and compelling video. A camera phone is not required, but bringing a smartphone with the following specifications will improve your enjoyment of the lessons. The class is designed primarily for iPhone models 4S, 5C, 5s running iOS 6 or higher, and Android models running OS 4.1 or higher. Windows phones will have a more limited experience and Blackberries models are unsupported. Please reserve at least 2 GB free space to store video shoot and bring your smartphone and charger to class.
Click HERE for full description.

Original 4-Day
Bath & Body Product
Boot Camp

4-day bath & body boot camp

[No Experience Necessary]

Product Making Boot Camp (Intensive)

This intensive workshop provides the opportunity to be immersed in the wonderful world of making natural bath & body products (from scratch!). We'll cove 15 different productsr: lotions & creams 101, lip balm, lip tints, 3 types of body butters (traditional, solid massage bars & exfoliating butter scrubs), 3 types of essential oil perfumes (alcohol-based, oil-based roll-ons & solids), botanical bath salts, traditional oil-based salt/sugar body scrubs, 3 types of spa facial products (cleansing grains, facial steaming herbs & clay/herb masks), and a wonderful class all on packaging. Designed for out-of-towners flying in or any locals who want to take as many classes as possible in a short period of time. You will take home bunches of finished products, detailed recipes, thorough handouts & personalized certificate of completion.
Click HERE for full description.

2-Day Soap Making
Boot Camp - Part II



transparent soap class

liquid soap making class

[pre-req: CP 101]

"Next-Level" SOAP MAKING Series:
2-Day Soap Boot Camp - PART II

1) 3 Types of Milk Soaps
Discover the creamy world of milk soaps! When used in place of distilled water, milk is a lovely addition to cold process soap. Many folks consider milk soaps to be milder, more conditioning, and have a creamier lather.

2) Soapmaking w/Beer, Juice & Coffee
Getting bored with your cold process soap? Juice it up! Dump the boring distilled water and get turned onto a variety of interesting liquids that can be used to make soap: coffee, tea, juices, beer & wine! Each one can bring something fun and exciting to your handmade soap!

3) Transparent Soapmaking
Did you know that you can make your own transparent & meltable soaps from scratch? Do you like the creativity & flexibility of Melt & Pour Soap but want to make your own soap rather than purchase from a store or supplier? Handmade Soaps from scratch, both Cold Process and Hot Process, are not see-through, but with a few added ingredients, you can make handmade transparent soap & set it apart from the rest.

4) Liquid Soap Making
Have you heard? Soap savant David Critchfield has been underground in his soap cave all winter (and spring), working on liquid soap formulations until the wee hours of the morning, and he finally emerged and didn't see his shadow! He's ready to share his method exclusively with students at The Nova Studio!

These four classes are designed to take your soapmaking skills from basic to advanced. Your soap will stand above the competition for its craftsmanship & unique appeal. David & Ruth are both successful business owners & have years of soapmaking & teaching experience.

Click HERE for full description.

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